Energy Star Lighting Make A Difference Today

There are very few purchases one can make that truly make a difference in the environment. Hybrid vehicles immediately come to mind, as well as anything made from recycled products paper and plastic goods especially. Well, there are also major appliances and even lighting fixtures that can make a positive impact on our planet; all you have to do is look for the little blue and white sticker that says Energy Star.”

The Energy Star program was created in 1992 by the EPA as a means to promote energy efficient consumer products in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by power plants. Energy efficient computer products were the first to be labeled, with major appliances, office equipment, home electronics, and the topic of this article lighting soon to follow.

Energy Star qualified light fixtures, when used with compact fluorescent bulbs, use about 75% less energy than standard light fixtures. This translates into two things a positive impact on the environment and a lower energy bill to pay each month. To maximize both the energy and money savings, consider replacing the five most used lighting fixtures in your home, or, at the very least, replacing any standard incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents. In most homes the light fixtures with the highest usage are kitchen ceiling lights, living room (family room) table and floor lamps, and outdoor porch lights. If every American home did this, we would save close to $8 billion in energy costs each year while preventing the greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions from nearly 10 million cars.

Putting Energy Star lighting in your home used to mean sacrificing style for the energy savings. Not anymore. More lighting manufacturers have started producing Energy Star qualified fixtures in a wide variety of styles and designs as the demand for these energy efficient lights has increased. You can now find Energy Star pendant lights, sconces, chandeliers, and lamps. For a wide variety of Energy Star qualified and solar light fixtures, check out today.

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Best Hybrid Car

It would be easy to figure out which of the current automobiles today were ranked with the best energy efficiency ratings in gasoline powered car engines, model design, and those rated with the best safety features per car class. There is a wide opinion spread of rankings that can be provided by most major automobile manufacturers’ reviews.

It would probably be difficult, if not impossible to find same rankings for the dual-powered hybrid automobile that is emerging like gangbusters on the automobile market today. It would also be near impossible to figure out which of these models would be considered or ranked as the best hybrid car available on the market today because with the energy saving features that save people money at the gas pumps, all of these hybrid car models are a winner.

The best hybrid car would provide versatility and style to the consumer. With mild hybrid and full hybrid car models available, there is a good selection of features that consumers can choose that will meet their individual driving needs and styles. Some of these hybrid car varieties have the capability of driving from a dead start on electrical power, while others require the gas powered motor feature to engage first to perform this part of the drive train operation.

There are three components in all of the hybrid cars that are manufactured today. To be considered a hybrid car, the automobile must have a gas powered automobile engine, an electrical motor and a car battery or battery pack underneath the hood. The manner that these components work together or singularly to move your car further down the highway depend greatly on the type of hybrid it is. The best hybrid vehicle would be one that used all three, but if that is not typical of your driving style, you will receive better fuel usage through the mild hybrid style which would render the car more economical.

The ease in use would also qualify a hybrid car into being considered one of the best on the market today. The keyless operation option is a highly valued feature that most consumers would prefer not to do without. These hybrid automobiles do not have a regular ignition switch, but feature state-of-the art technology in a push button ignition switch. All hybrid cars that have this feature built into their consoles will definitely be considered on the best hybrid automobile list that anyone creates.

Another feature that would be hard to vote on, in this best hybrid dual-powered car list would be the hybrids that give you a touch screen with interactive displays that give you a realm of information at your fingertips. The energy efficient power cars give multi-dimensional information across the console of the automobile, where you can tell at a glance what the climate control temperature is, or the radio settings are.

The simplistic pampering that these hybrid cars offer can give car owners back the control that they have in their cars. Drivers can now stay informed on the flow of power that goes through the electrical components and can now tell when this flow is affecting fuel consumption. With so many modes of operation to keep you informed and entertained, the hybrid automobile is hard to separate if you are trying to identify which one of the many manufactured brands are the best car in its class.

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Hybrid Cars Could Help In Conserving Energy And Reducing Pollution

With the gas prices being so high, more and more people are becoming aware of how valuable energy is in our daily lives. Hybrid cars show how energy can be conserved and pollution reduced. The cleanest non hybrid car can put about 90 percent smog pollution in the air versus the hybrid.

The Honda insight was the first hybrid on the US market in 1999. It is electrically powered and can go 61 mpg on city roads and 70mpg on the highway. Then in 2000, Toyota brought the Prius to the market, it goes 52 mpg in the city and around 45 mpg on the highway. The Honda Civic hybrid came out in 2002 with 46mpg on city roads and about 51mpg on the highway. Since then there have been other hybrid models such as, the Chevy Silverado, the Dodge Ram pickup and the Ford Escape SUV.

Hybrids are more efficient for a number of reasons. For one, the battery of a hybrid lasts longer. It is equipped with two energy supplies- the gas and electricity. The car is made of lighter materials, that means less energy is used. The engine in a non-hybrid is heavier so it requires more power to accelerate and to go up an incline. And with a hybrid there are fewer cylinders.

Hybrids have less internal machinery. The energy and time needed to move a cylinder up and down in a non hybrid is greater. To start the car, the non hybrid engine needs more power because it has more cylinders. In addition, each cylinder uses more fuel for cylindrical displacement.

There are some tips to keep in mind when driving a hybrid to maximize energy and mileage productivity.

Drive slowly-Aerodynamic drag increases if you drive fast. If you slow down you will save energy.

Drive at a constant speed- Increasing your spend and then slowing down wastes fuel.

Try not to break suddenly-The motor in a hybrid is like a generator. Energy is lost if you stop abruptly. Try to give you car some recovery time.

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